Who is this retreat for?

The retreat is for any couple gay or straight who would like to continue to deepen their connection and communication on the deepest level.


Is the retreat all about sex?

No, this retreat will focus on communication and intimate connection. Sex will come up, but it is not the focus.


We have a great sex life. Is this retreat still for us?

You betcha! Sex is amazing and important but it is not the only thing that matters in a relationship. 


How about privacy? Will the retreat be confidential?

Your privacy will be respected by everyone at the retreat. You will not need to share anything you are not comfortable with.


Will there be any alone time?

There will be plenty of time for intimate connection during your weekend at the ranch.


Is there going to be nudity at the retreat?

Nope! The only nudity will be between the two of you in your bedroom.